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I'm completely new to Modelica and was wondering what is the best way to learn on my own? Also I will be using it with MapleSim 5 (or 6 when it will be available) so any information regarding that would be helpful too.

I'll need Modelica to create a few components for a thermal model, then simulate with MapleSim and hopefully I will also manage to co-simulate with another software (EnergPlus) using FMI when it will be available for MapleSim and BCVTB.

Sorry for not being specific with my question, really any reference to a good Modelica guide would be great, thanks.

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A first starting point is of course the publications section on the Modelica homepage. There you can also find two pdf tutorials for free. –  matth Jun 15 '12 at 9:06

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Clearly, I am biased, but I like to think that my book "Introduction to Physical Modeling with Modelica" is a great way to explore the features of Modelica in the context of engineering problems. I noticed that Wolfram seems to recommend the book as well.

But in the interest of balance, there are two books by Peter Fritzson on the topic of Modelica as well.

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