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I want to know if there is any overlap between polygon1.the_geom and polygon2.the_geom. However, I don't want to know for each instance if there is overlap. Rather, if there is just one overlap anywhere in the ST_Overlap, I want one value returned, that being "true." If no overlap occurs, then I want just one value of "false" returned. Using ST_Union to combine results won't work on boolean, that much I know. However, I need to scale my query result down to just one row.

SELECT ST_Overlaps(polygon1.the_geom, polygon2.the_geom) from polygon1, polygon2
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I'm not that familiar with PostGIS but you should be able to join on ST_Overlaps(...) and see if you get anything:

select exists(
    select 1
    from polygon1
    join polygon2 on ST_Overlaps(polygon1.the_geom, polygon2.the_geom)

JOIN conditions are more versatile than most people think.

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Yeap, works perfectly. Thank you very much. –  John Jun 15 '12 at 5:36

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