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I am using an absolute positioned body element to prevent the "bouncy" scroll-behavior in mac os. This way its not the window that is scrolled but the body element which doesnt "bounce".

But now the scrollTop() value is always 0.

I need to know how much I have scrolled the body element. Any ideas?

Edit: It seems to work in Mac OS X Firefox 13.0. But doesn't in Mac OS X Chrome 19. Seems to be a webkit issue, Safari also doenst work.

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I suppose you could put a wrapper <div> directly inside the body, and put all other content within that wrapper.


  <div id="wrapper">
     <!-- Content -->

Then, on $('body').scroll(), instead of looking at $('body').scrollTop(), you could consider the offset position of that wrapper: $('#wrapper').position().top

I modified your fiddle here:

Seems to work OK in Chrome 19

The offset position of that wrapper will give you basically the same information as the scrollTop() would, so I can't think of a reason this wouldn't suffice.

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