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I'm wanting to create a replacement window which displays the Find results (and maybe also Find Symbol Results in the future).

Preferably I don't want to touch the "Find dialog" and would prefer not to do the actual finding myself - just change how it is displayed.

I've found 3 Interfaces I should be able to Import - IVsFindHelper, IVsFindScope, IVsFindTarget

Any ideas of how I can get started with this?

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Have you had a look at ReSharper? It allows you to do the searches you mention plus a whole host of other things.


ReSharper - Navigation and searching

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Yeah, I'm not a big resharper fan. I use coderush, and they too had a replacement Find results, but when I last used it, it had some terrible display problems with dark themes. In any case, To get the level of control I want, I really have to write it myself. –  Chris McGrath Jun 15 '12 at 6:08

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