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I have a url, something like this localhost:8080/foo.action?param1=7&param2=8&param3=6

When this is the Url (as it is), request.getParmeter("param2") gives me 8 [Correct]

i) When the encoding converts this url to localhost:8080/foo.action?param1=7%26param2=8%26param3=6

In this case, request.getParameter("param1") gives me 7&param2=8&param3=6

ii) When the encoding converts this url to localhost:8080/foo.action?param1=7&param2=8&param3=6

In this case, request.getParameter("param1") gives me 7 and request.getParameter("param2") gives me null

What is the correct way of retrieving the parameters? [Assuming that using one of the two Url encoding schemes is unavoidable]

(I am using struts actions)

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you should decode the URL & should be & –  Subin Jun 15 '12 at 6:58
In my struts action, I say request.getParameter("paramName"). How do I explicitly decode the whole Url? –  TJ- Jun 15 '12 at 7:00

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You can call req.getQueryString() to get the whole query parameters and then do server side decoding based on whatever encoding methods you choose.

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Although I didn't want to do this, I couldn't find a better way. Thanks for the tip. –  TJ- Jun 15 '12 at 9:09
Please don't do this. Rather, don't encode the ampersands as they are supposed to be there specifically to allow proper parsing. See alexey28's answer. –  quakkels Mar 29 '14 at 15:13

To prevent this do not encode parameters with delimeters, encode only parameters values. This will be the best way. If you cannot handle parameters encoding just do decoding on server side before parsing:

String queryString = request.getQueryString();
String decoded = URLDecoder.decode(queryString, "UTF-8");
String[] pares = decoded.split("&");
Map<String, String> parameters = new HashMap<String, String>();
for(String pare : pares) {
    String[] nameAndValue = pare.split("=");
    parameters.put(nameAndValue[0], nameAndValue[1]);

// Now you can get your parameter:
String valueOfParam2 = parameters.get("param2");
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You should call URLDecode.decode() when adding the keys and values to the Map. Otherwise you might run into problems if the query string contains encoded & characters (like %26). In this case the decoded.split() call will "generate" unwanted key/value pairs. –  Marcel Aug 4 at 12:21

Try using

String[] Parameters = = URLDecoder.decode(Request.getQueryString(), 'UTF-8').splitat('&') ;

Hope this helps.

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I had this happen to me today. Turns out I was passing the encoded url over the wire. When the request is made it should be made as http://localhost/foo?bar=1&bat=2 not as http://localhost/foo?bar=1&amp;bat=2.

In this case I had cut the url from an xml file and pasted it into a browser.

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