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I am currently messing around with DialogFragment to learn to use it. I assumed that compared to onCreateView(), onCreate() can do this:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    testTextView.setText("SUCCESS!"); //ERROR HERE

But I am wrong. Not sure why its not working. The error goes away when I comment out testTextView.setText("Success!"); The error is a NullPointerException, and then it just flags line 39 which is where the offending line of code is. Any clarifications much appreciated.


public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState){
    View testView = (View)inflater.inflate(R.layout.test_dialog_file, container, false);
    //instantiated testTextView globally
    testTextView = (TextView)testView.findViewById(;
    return testView;
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testTextView is NOT pointing to any object so try something like

testTextView = (TextView) findViewById(;


If you see the lifecycle of a fragment, it says that onCreateView is called after onCreate hence your onCreate doesn't have any reference to your object, that is textview in your layout

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Oh, it is. I decided not to add the global scope of that variable. Sorry about that. In terms of the methods being able to access it, they should. – Andy Jun 15 '12 at 7:09
You have to initialize it to use it! please accept it if you think this answer suits your need – Sana Jun 15 '12 at 7:10
I did initialize it. Check my edit my good sir – Andy Jun 15 '12 at 7:14
Ahh, I just saw your edit. thank you! – Andy Jun 15 '12 at 7:15
I do have one quick question that the Doc does not say. In DialogFragments, do I need to use onAttach()? And I will, except it doesn't let me until a certain time has passed lol. – Andy Jun 15 '12 at 7:16

You haven't used setContentView yet, so you are getting a NPE for the TextView.

onCreate happens before onCreateView. If you want to access something from the layout there, you need to setContentView... which is not a good idea for a DialogFragment.

Move that bit of code to onCreateView after you setContentView and you'll be ok.

For your reference, here's the Fragment Lifecycle:

enter image description here

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Ahh. Since you have this great diagram here, I might as well ask, onAttach(), should I use it on a DialogFragment? – Andy Jun 15 '12 at 7:19
Honestly, I've never used onAttach, so I don't really know... I'm trying to think what you might use it for... nothing UI related obviously. :) – Barak Jun 15 '12 at 7:22
Haha. Indeed. Was curious, covering all basics. Doesn't look like anybody uses it in tutorials. Was wondering why. Thanks. – Andy Jun 15 '12 at 7:24
OnAttach() is usually used for attaching listeners to the parent activity. – Warpzit Jun 18 '12 at 8:24

Did you initialize the testTextView in onCreateView? You have to use a LayoutInflater in onCreateView to get the Layout and then you have to access the TextView via findViewById.

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Yes sir. Did that. I will post that code. As you can see, the error is strange as I would assume I could setText – Andy Jun 15 '12 at 7:09
Not strange at all as onCreateView occurs after onCreate. – Barak Jun 15 '12 at 7:16

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