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I want to post a forma poupup window. Problem is, the form posts successfully but It also posts on the parent window. I want to submit the formonly in popup window

'<input type= button value ="Submit Form" onclick="adNetworkForm()" >
function adNetworkForm(){ 
targetUrl = "http://somesite.com"    
    var myForm = document.createElement('form');
    myForm.method = 'post';
    //myForm.action = targetUrl;        

    var inpt1 = document.createElement('input');
    inpt1.setAttribute('type', 'hidden')
    inpt1.value = "1"; 

    var inpt2 = document.createElement('input');
    inpt2.setAttribute('type', 'hidden')
    inpt2.value = 2; 

 function popitup(url) {
if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()}
return false;


JS Fiddle

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You could assign an onsubmit event handler to the form to call a function which pops open a new window when the form is submitted and targets the form to that window, like:

<form action="..." method="post" onsubmit="some_popup_post(this);">
<!-- form fields etc here -->

And js code would be:

function some_popup_post(form) {
    window.open('', 'formpopup', 'width=400,height=400,resizeable,scrollbars');
    form.target = 'formpopup';

Do you mean something like this..

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