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Am trying to do something like the below..

 <property name="INSTANCE_NAME" value="${PRODUCT5_JBOSS_INSTANCE}" />

PRODUCT5_JBOSS_INSTANCE-takes the value of that key name from a property file So when i give like the above my value for INSTANCE_NAME = product5-jboss.

But the above line is repeated multiple times for different products like

  <property name="INSTANCE_NAME" value="${PRODUCT6_JBOSS_INSTANCE}" />
   <property name="INSTANCE_NAME" value="${PRODUCT7_JBOSS_INSTANCE}" />

So inside value="${PRODUCT7_JBOSS_INSTANCE}" i would like to pass product7 dynamically like the below..

value="${${PRODUCT_NUMBER}_JBOSS_INSTANCE}" --But this doesnt work.Because two $ symbols doesnt work.My target now is PRODUCT_NUMBER should get the value as PRODUCT7 and then PRODUCT7_JBOSS_INSTANCE should get the value from file as product7-jboss

Can u help me with an approach for this

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Duplicate of Variables from properties file in Ant –  sudocode Jun 15 '12 at 9:23

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You can resolve this using a macrodef, as shown in the answer to the question Variables from properties file in Ant.

Here is an example of the same for your case.

<project default="test">

    <!-- override on command line -->
    <property name="PRODUCT_NAME" value="PRODUCT5"/>

    <property file="test.properties"/>

    <macrodef name="property-read">
        <attribute name="name"/>
        <attribute name="from"/>
            <property name="@{name}" value="${@{from}_JBOSS_INSTANCE}"/>

    <target name="test">
        <echo>PRODUCT_NAME: ${PRODUCT_NAME}</echo>
        <property-read name="instance" from="${PRODUCT_NAME}"/>
        <echo>DYNAMIC PROPERTY VALUE: ${instance}</echo>


Property definition:

$ cat test.properties


Buildfile: C:\Users\sudocode\tmp\ant\build.xml

     [echo] DYNAMIC PROPERTY VALUE: product7.jboss.instance

Total time: 0 seconds
Buildfile: C:\Users\sudocode\tmp\ant\build.xml

     [echo] DYNAMIC PROPERTY VALUE: product5.jboss.instance

Total time: 0 seconds
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Thanks for the approach provided.The above works perfectly if you specify the below line in build.xml <property name="PRODUCT5_JBOSS_INSTANCE" value="product5.jboss.instance"/> <property name="PRODUCT7_JBOSS_INSTANCE" value="product7.jboss.instance"/> When am trying to read the same from property file it doesnt work and gives value as {PRODUCT5_JBOSS_INSTANCE} –  raga Jun 15 '12 at 10:37
It works for me. I updated the example to load properties. I think the result you get indicates that either you don't load the required property file, or that the property key is different from expected. –  sudocode Jun 15 '12 at 10:48
Yes i have used the wrong property file..Now it works amazing.Thanks a lot –  raga Jun 15 '12 at 11:24
Best thanks on StackOverflow is to accept and/or updvote :) –  sudocode Jun 15 '12 at 11:31

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