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I have a json-formatted file that contains a number of lines starting with "url": "someValue", with spacing before, like this:

      "url": "http://www.mydomain.som/assets/js/lib/less-1.2.1.min.js",

Could someone answer how I could extract all those lines and copy the to another file and sort that list alphabetically with a Powershell command? I have just started using Powershell and have no clue how to do this and would be very grateful if someone could answer this.


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Get-Content .\json.txt | 
Where-Object {$_ -match '"url": "http://www.mydomain.som/.+",'} |
Set-Content .\URLs.txt
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Thank you Shay, that helped me. I just added Sort-Object to get the list sorted as well. – ChristianGu Jun 15 '12 at 11:14

Not Powershell but following command could be all it takes.

type YourFile | find "url" | sort > YourNewfile
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(Get-Content "c:\MyFilePath.txt") |
    foreach { $_ -match '"url":/s*"http:(.*?)"," } |
    Set-Content "c:\MyFilteredList.txt"

You might have to tweak the regular expression (not tested).

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