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im a newbie to Netbeans IDE. I have to connect to a remote server but I am having problems connecting to the server. 1)I went to File-->new project -->PHP-->app on remote server. 2)I entered the correct username and password 3)Test the Connection --> connection failed

The only thing my sysadmin replied to my query was "Its a linux login, you need to SSH".

what does this mean?

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SFTP actually uses SSH, so choose SFTP as your connection type. Your sysadmin doesn't seem to have been very helpful, however if you have access to a Linux box, or a Linux shell environment, try connecting to your server using

ssh username@hostname

This will either prompt you for a password, or give an error message about why it couldn't log you in.

Make sure your login details are correct, and that you have the correct remote path.

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Have you tried command ssh yourusername@yourhost?

If it works, you can on "Remont Configuration", mange "Remote Connection", "Connection Type" select "SFTP", Input your hostname, password and try again.

reference to SSH.

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By default Netbeans only supports FTP ans SFTP for remote server configurations.

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