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I have the following project structure:

  - GUI
    - ...Modules
  - Data
    - Database
      - ...Modules
    - Files
      - ...Modules
  - Utilities
    - ...Modules

And I am trying to do some imports over package borders, for example:

in the file(Module) Project.Database.dbdriver I try to import Project.Utilities.Conversions. If I use a fully specified import like import Project.Utilities.Conversions this fails, it works with import Utilities.Conversions, i.e. I can not specify more off the path than those part that differ. However I would like to use fully specified paths, one reason beeing that pydev in eclipse likes them better (otherwise it shows me an error), the second reason is I find it confusing not to do so.

I have stumbled over this but think it is wrong/not needed here How do I create a namespace package in Python?

Question: how can I use fully specified includes when crossing subbranches in a package structure?

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The fully specified import failed because the current working directory of python(or jython) was set to Project. you can:

add the parent directory of Project to your python lib

import sys

or just change the working directory of jython to the parent of Project in the debug settings.(I don't know how to do it because I don't use pydev.)

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the problem was not with pydev, but with the shell in which I ran the project. (outside eclipse). Thank you. –  ted Jun 15 '12 at 9:58
while your suggestion fixed my problem in the application I am developing for it created a problem within pydev, import Project.GUI as gui yields ImportError: No module named GUI, and yes there is __init__.py and yes the projects parent folder shows up when I print sys.path, right before the error. But I will put that somewhere else sinc e you solved the initial question –  ted Jun 15 '12 at 14:31

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