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How can I get the public key of a website like VeriSign and all other websites which use https(secure protocol)?

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It depends on the browser you're using, if you let me know I'll update my answer.

If you're using Chrome then click on the green bar to the left of the 'https:' in the address bar, for the VeriSign website the green bar says Symantec Corperation [US], this will open a pop up. On the pop up click 'Certificate Information'. This will open another pop up. On this go the 'Details' tab at the top and scroll down to 'Public key' which shows the public key the website is using for it's SSL. In VeriSigns case the public key is a 2048 bit key.

Chromes https

If you're using IE 9 the green bar to click on is to the right of the web address. Clicking this brings a similar pop up where you have to click 'View certificates' which then brings up the same pop up as on Chrome where you go to the Details tab and scroll down to 'Public Key'

enter image description here

This is the pop up that opens after clicking the 'Certificate information' or 'View certificates' links.

enter image description here

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but it is showing some extra bytes in public key why? When i open this in windows system it is showing extra bytes, chrome in mac is showing exact public key – Charan Giri Sep 11 '14 at 2:07

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