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I have a button whose text color changes when the mouse is over it. The HTML is :

<a href="products.html" style="text-decoration:none">
          onmouseout="'#666666'"><div class="menu_text">Products</div></div></a>

The thing is when I opened the page in IE8 , IE8 says:

To protect your security IE8 has restricted this page from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer.

in the information bar.

I click on options and allow blocked content. Then it works fine.

Fancybox and GalleryView Plugins that I've included in my pages also are seen only when blocked content is allowed.

Is there a way to fix this?

I find that such an issue does not show here in the navigation bar buttons(home,random,about...). Why so?

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By default IE blocks scripts when running websites locally - that is, from local file system. The warning should not appear when running on the server or on localhost.

See here: How do you avoid the drop-down ActiveX warning in IE7 and IE8?

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so long as it doesn't happen on server,I'll be fine. Thank You. – batman Jun 15 '12 at 9:49

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