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I have a normale jpg-photo and 2 textlink. When the user mouseover textlink 1 I would like to show a transparent png-photo on top of the jpg-photo, and when the user mouseover textlink 2, I would like to show another png-photo on top of the jpg. On mouseout the png should disappear again.

Possible? And can it be done with CSS alone or do I need javascript to? Thanks in advanced.

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Yes, it's possible. Depending on your HTML structure you may need Javascript or you may not. –  strah Jun 15 '12 at 9:14

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Yes it is possible with JQuery, JS or CSS, depending on your requirements. Good script to use is here:


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You can use hover CSS selector to solve such kind of problems depending upon html layout of your page

#11:hover img {
Add other blocks 
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Your request can be done easily using the power of jQuery :) I made something using jQuery and you can find it here
It is close to what you want to do.

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