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Our project seeks to render calendars similar to outlook's web view (i.e. where you can view a calendar in 'day', 'week', or 'month' view). To clarify: we do not need 'date picker' functionality (i.e. used by the out-of-the-box jquery UI calendar plugin).

At this point I've found jquery plugins to render a calendar in "month view" and "week view".

Can anyone recommend a 'day view' jquery plugin or javascript library? We can write our own plugin, but wanted to check with the hive-mind first.

Thanks in advance,


Appendix A. Jquery plugins for Rendering Calendars

Week views

Jquery week calendar:

Month views

Jmonth calendar

Full Calendar

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Did you ever find a Day View calendar. I have a similar requirement myself and trying to avoid recreating the wheel. – ArtificialGold Apr 14 '10 at 14:25
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see Eyecon datepicker. The last example on this page has only the current date. Maybe this is what you need.

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I did a same search today and found an awesome control.

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The JQuery Event Calendar Plugin as a day view mode.

Here is a sample test version.

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