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I am using a flash image viewer developed with actionscript 2.0 and used only with IE. It uses flash PrintJob to print images.

var printJob:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
delete printJob;

But when PrintJob is invoked at fullscreen mode, print dialog appears and flash player exits fullscreen mode. Is this a security limitation in Flash ? or Is there any workaround to stop exiting fullscreen mode?

Tested environment

Browser: IE9

OS : Windows 7 64 bit

Flash Player:

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I would imagine that it's down to the Operating System rather than a unique Flash issue. You can't keep a window in fullscreen mode if it's not the active window; and when you open the Print dialog, that becomes the active window - thus bumping your Flash out of fullscreen mode.

No workarounds that I can think of, because it's not Flash that's controlling this - it's the OS.

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