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I am trying to show all attachments (from the current page) in an auto-completed drop-down list. This is the part in the atlassian-plugin.xml which defines the parameters:

<xhtml-macro name="plugin-name" class="com.example.macro.name" key="macroname-xhtml" icon="/download/resources/${project.groupId}.${project.artifactId}/icons/macroname.png">
    <category name="formatting"/>
        <parameter name="content_input" type="confluence-content" />
        <parameter name="space_input" type="spacekey" />
        <parameter name="attachment_input" type="attachment" />

The confluence-content and spacekey types work just fine. It shows a textfield which autocompletes Pages and Spaces.

However, the attachment type shows a empty drop-down list (select box) which cannot auto-complete.

The official Confluence documentation says it should work like I do: https://developer.atlassian.com/display/CONFDEV/Including+Information+in+your+Macro+for+the+Macro+Browser

I must be missing something here, but I don't know what. Anyone might know what the problem is?

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If you want a drop-down list with all the attachments then you may also try the following:

<xhtml-macro name="plugin-name" class="com.example.macro.name" key="macroname-xhtml" icon="/download/resources/${project.groupId}.${project.artifactId}/icons/macroname.png">
    <category name="confluence-content" />
        <parameter name="page" type="confluence-content" required="false"
            multiple="false" />
        <parameter name="name" type="attachment" required="false" />
  • Don't change the names of the parameters

If you want to add a filter, then you need the following:

<web-resource key="macro-browser-smart-fields" name="Macro Browser Smart Fields">
    <resource type="download" name="confluence-core-macro-fields.js" location="js/confluence-core-macro-fields.js" />


(function($) {
    AJS.MacroBrowser.activateSmartFieldsAttachmentsOnPage("plugin-name", [ "png", "jpg", "gif" ]);
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This is a better option than mine as yours is capable of filtering on file extensions. – Wouter Konecny Jun 17 '12 at 23:03
And it lists already existing files to the user in a dropdown list. Autocompletion is nice but only if unknow the attachment file name. – jimmybondy Jun 18 '12 at 4:02

I found that setting the type as attachment (following official documentation) is bugged. I have found a work-around to display attachments in a auto-complete box.

<parameter name="xsd" type="confluence-content" required="true">
    <option key="type" value="attachment"/>
    <option key="showKeyInPlaceholder" value="false" />
    <option key="showValueInPlaceholder" value="true" />
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