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Is it possible to Create a Recurring Payment Profile using DoReferenceTransaction or is there any other way to set up recurring payment when I've got "billing agree" from customer and REFERENCEID - an id of customer's previous transaction. Thanks

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You can set


field of DoReferenceTransaction API call, but first you need a billing agreement with buyer.

I recommend doing recurring payment with CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile call.

API is here.

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I've got billing agreement with buyer ("billing agreement ID") - according to reference transaction api .

I also can do transactions with DoReferenceTransaction like:

$nvpstr="&L_AMT0=".$itemamt."&L_QTY0=1&AMT=".(string)$amt."&ITEMAMT=".(string)$itemamt."&CALLBACKTIMEOUT=4&REFERENCEID=B-6J7244599E964634T&ReturnUrl=".$returnURL."&CANCELURL=".$cancelURL ."&CURRENCYCODE=".$currencyCodeType."&PAYMENTACTION=".$paymentType;


However I still don't know how to set up recurring payment using reference transaction cause in API link you gave me, there is a note that Credit Card ACCT number is required - but I don't want to store client's card numbers in my database (I am using express checkout).

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