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I am learning SDL and I found this piece of code in the manual:

SDL_Rect **modes;
int i;

/* Get available fullscreen/hardware modes */

/* Check is there are any modes available */
if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)0){
printf("No modes available!\n");

/* Check if or resolution is restricted */
if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)-1){
 printf("All resolutions available.\n");

   /* Print valid modes */
  printf("Available Modes\n");
    printf("  %d x %d\n", modes[i]->w, modes[i]->h);

I now that modes is a pointer to an array of SDL_rect but expression:

(modes== (SDL_Rect **)0)

escapes my reasoning. What does (SDL_Rect **)0 means?

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It's checking if it is a null pointer.

Since it's checking up if it's null, the cast it's not necessary, it could just be:

if(modes == 0)


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