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In one of my application in need client IP address in a WCF Service hosted using HTTPS 443 bindings.

and i tried most of the post of stack overflow and other site regarding this issue but when i hosted my application in server it just fetch server IP address but i need requested client address any have any idea regarding this

Thanks In advance..

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Don't forget that it will be possible only if you are not behind a reverse proxy, or a NAT bridge. –  Steve B Jun 15 '12 at 10:08

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In .NET 3.5 you can do using the below pattern (using System.ServiceModel)

OperationContext context = OperationContext.Current; 
MessageProperties prop = context.IncomingMessageProperties; 
RemoteEndpointMessageProperty endpoint = prop[RemoteEndpointMessageProperty.Name] as RemoteEndpointMessageProperty;
string ip = endpoint.Address; 
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