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I have a table that stores email in 3 diffrent columns name host and domain. I want to join those columns to create one column so i can search by a full email adress. just like

SELECT * FROM email_eml WHERE (all the columns combined) = $email;

the email is stored without a . and a @ in neither of the columns i would like the final result to contain those.

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SELECT * FROM email_eml WHERE CONCAT( name, '@', host, '.', domain ) = $email

See the doc (assuming you're using MySQL) for the CONCAT function:


  1. Don't use *. It's terrible for performance.
  2. I sure hope your $email variable is escaped and free of SQL injection risks. If it's not, use prepared statements.
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need to wait 5 minutes untill i can accept an answer but i need to go eat. I will accept it today in the evening most likely ;/ – Xitcod13 Jun 15 '12 at 10:14
No problem, take your time to see if another good suggestion comes in. @YaK's answer might be better suited for your needs. – Florian Margaine Jun 15 '12 at 10:14

In order for MySQL to use indexes (you did index these columns, didn't you?), I'd rather split your input e-mail address, and then search on each field separately, that is:

SELECT CONCAT(name, '@', host, '.', domain) AS email
WHERE name = 'user' AND host = 'mysite' AND domain = 'com'

Do you really need to keep the three e-mail address components separated in your database? Otherwise, just store complete e-mails.

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SELECT * FROM email_eml WHERE name+'@'+host+'.'+domain = '$email';
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You can use the CONCAT() function.
Then your request will be :

SELECT * FROM email_eml WHERE CONCAT(name,'@',host,'.',domain) = $email
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