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In order to test my Android-App I'm using the UI-Testing tool Robotium. I've already experienced many problems with the build of projects and running tests at all because of the transitive lib-project dependencies and inability of android build tools to deal with them.

Please get introduced in my case reading my earlier question to a problem and the corresponding discussion on solution.

Now, after certain time, i have included another library project, the ViewPagerIndicator, which my library project B is depending on. So i was forced again to apply my previous solution provided in the link above, in order to prevent that bug with lib-projects, and i've added following code to of the test project:


library.paths=com/mydomain/project/* com/actionbarsherlock/**

As i expected, the build worked. But the testcases to activities, which actually depended on the new library, haven't passed, and i encountered java.IllegalAccessError:

     [echo] Running tests...
     [exec] com.mydomain.project.projectb.test.unittests.EncodeTest:.
     [exec] com.mydomain.project.projectb.test.testcases.ServerCommTest:........
     [exec] com.mydomain.project.projectb.test.testcases.LoginTest:
     [exec] INSTRUMENTATION_RESULT: shortMsg=java.lang.IllegalAccessError
     [exec] INSTRUMENTATION_RESULT: longMsg=java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Class ref in pre-verified class resolved to unexpected implementation

I realized then, that ViewPagerIndicator was depending on Android-Support-v4 package, so i put its jar in test-projects libs directory, and tried again. I've encountered this time java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for the activity classes:

     [echo] Running tests...
     [exec] com.mydomain.project.projectb.test.unittests.EncodeTest:.
     [exec] junit.framework.TestSuite$1:
     [exec] Failure in warning:
     [exec] junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Exception in constructor: testCreateAlbum (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.mydomain.project.activity.LoginActivity
     [exec]     at com.mydomain.project.test.testcases.ServerCommTest.<init>(

What could be the problem here? If i don't apply the fix in file at all, i get the same error like in my another question...

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Problem is with your junit task's classpath. Not provided in your question... – Mark O'Connor Jun 15 '12 at 16:03

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