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If i have a grib2 file that contains information for whole world (for some parameters) and I want to extract data from it using wgrib2 based on latitude and longitude given by user (client software to server). I tried following command but I am getting complete grib2 file only:

wgrib2.exe input.grb -undefine out-box 10:90 -10:10 -grib output.grb

Please tell me where am I going wrong? Thanks.

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I used the following command to extract information from grib2 file.

wgrib2.exe input_file.grib2 -lola LonSW:#lon:dlon LatSW:#lat:dlat file format

assuming that we are having following co-ordinates for selection:

Top: (x0,y0) (x1,y0)

Bottom: (x0,y1) (x1,y1)

"LongSW"=x0, #lon = (x0~x1), "LatSW"=y0, #lat = (y0~y1). and dlon and dlan can be kept as 1. 'file' is the output file name and format can be grib, csv, text etc.

Substitute above values in the command shown above and you should get the answer.

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If your chosen longitude was 360 and latitude was 90:

wgrib2.exe input_file.grb2 -lon 360 90 > output_file.txt

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