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How can I convert an RTF file into an HTMLformat ?? I have a text editor which saves the file in rtf format but I need to put the contents on my server. For that I need to convert the rtf file into that of an html.. I am unable to find any help with regards to Objective C . Thanks.

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I don't know of any library in objective-c that does rtf to html conversion.

However if you are able to perform the conversion server side then that opens up a lot more possibilities, such as php and c# libraries, as well as gnu utilities.

For example (and you can google for many more):

php: Pa software's RTF to HTML converter (paid product), Martin Mevald's rtf2htm (old GPL'ed software), Marcus Fischer's RTF Parse class (GPL'ed code), Zend's LiveDocX or even alternatives to livedocx on SO alternative-for-phplivedocx .. etc

C#: On SO convert-rtf-to-html, simple-convert-rtf-to-html, or from MS Converting-between-RTF-and-HTML

GNU: GNU's UnRTF utility.

If you really want Objective-c then the source code of the php and GNU solutions could be translated - however that will not be a trivial task. As such I still think your best bet would be to do it server side.

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