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I want to make my application similar to mail.app in vertical orientation. It should show a master view controller by button, but not in pop over and in horizontal orientation it should look like a simple UiSplitViewController.

Have you any ideas? Is there any usable open source projects which could be re-used?

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Mail.app is using a standard UISplitViewController. The behaviour was changed in iOS 5 so that it no longer uses a popover, but instead slides in the master view controller from the left. Although technically I guess you can still call that a "popover".

This may be confusing because the documentation and delegate methods still refer to a popover controller, but if you create a blank split view project from Xcode and run it on an iOS 5 device or simulator, you will get the new behaviour.

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Try MGSplitViewController - very useful alternative to the UISplitViewController, has some nice configuration options.

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