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I have the s3cmd command line tool for linux installed. It works fine to put files to the bucket. However, I want to move a file into a 'folder'. I know that folders aren't natively supported by S3, but my Cyberduck GUI tool converts them nicely for me to view my backups.

Currently I have a file in the root of the bucket, called 'test.mov' for example. I want to move it to the 'idea' folder. I am trying this:

s3cmd mv s3://mybucket/test.mov s3://mybucket/idea/test.mov

but I get strange errors like:

WARNING: Retrying failed request: /idea/test.mov (timed out)
WARNING: Waiting 3 sec...

I also tried quotes, but that didn't help either:

s3cmd mv 's3://mybucket/test.mov' 's3://mybucket/idea/test.mov'

neither did just the folder name

s3cmd mv 's3://mybucket/test.mov' 's3://mybucket/idea/'

Is there a way within having to delete and reput this 3GB file?

Update: Just FYI, I can put new files directly into a folder like this:

s3cmd put test2.mov s3://mybucket/idea/test2.mov

But still don't know how to move them around....

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Remove the ' signs. Your code should be:

s3cmd mv s3://mybucket/test.mov s3://mybucket/idea/test.mov

Also try what are the permissions of your bucket - for your username you should have all the permissions.

Also try to connect CloudFront to your bucket. I know it doesn' make sense but I have similar problem to bucket which do not have cloudfront instance clonnected to it.

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Probably your file is quite big, try increasing socket_timeout s3cmd configuration setting


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But shouldn't I be able to "move" a file already on S3 without having to download and then re-upload it? like in FTP... –  Nic Cottrell Aug 14 '13 at 7:24

To move/copy from one bucket to another or the same bucket I use s3cmd tool and works fine. For instance:

s3cmd cp --r s3://bucket1/directory1 s3://bucket2/directory1
s3cmd mv --recursive s3://bucket1/directory1 s3://bucket2/directory1
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the original poster is NOT asking how to copy between S3 buckets, but how to rename a file within an S3 bucket! –  Tilo Aug 2 '13 at 1:15
Isn't renaming a file the same as moving it? At least in Unix systems I always rename my files using mv command, so my point was that if s3cmd mv isn't working for files you can workaround this moving the whole directory... –  sgimeno Aug 2 '13 at 12:32
The difference is that the files are very large and I want to structure the files without downloading and reuploading them... –  Nic Cottrell Aug 14 '13 at 7:25

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