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Given data frame values are

     Group          year       Value
     A              2010       17
     A              2011       18
     F              2010        8
     F              2011        9

i want to convert it into

          Year      A      F  
          2010     17      8
          2011     18      9

is there any simple solution to solve this

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df <- read.table(text="     Group          year       Value
     A              2010       17
     A              2011       18
     F              2010        8
     F              2011        9", header = TRUE)

dfc <- dcast(df, year ~ Group )
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Although the syntax can be confusing, I still find reshape in base R useful to know. Using df provided by gauden

reshape_df <- reshape(df,dir="wide",idvar="year",timevar="Group")
colnames(reshape_df) <- c("year","A","F")

The converts to data from "long" format to "wide". Usually, the time variable becomes the column name, but in this case, we seek "A" and "F". Therefore, the syntax calls for timevar to be "Group".

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+1 for use of base and welcoming your first answer on SO –  gauden Jun 15 '12 at 13:29

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