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I am new to ASP/MVC and as part of that started learning using a simple app.

I have a collection of objects as below in the controller

    public ActionResult loadimage(String FQDN, String trange)
            List<geo_crd> Geo_crd = new List<geo_crd>();

              //more logic

foreach (ToDoItem T in query1)

                IEnumerable<GeoItem> query2 = (from b in db1.GeoItems
                                               where b.DNS_server_address == T.DNS_server_address
                                               select b);
                foreach (GeoItem X in query2)

                    Geo_crd.Add(new geo_crd(X.DNS_latitude, X.DNS_longitude, 1));


            return View(Geo_crd);

Geo_crd is in models as follows

namespace ToDoApp.Models
        public class geo_crd 

        private Decimal _geo_lat;
        private Decimal _geo_long;
        private int _status_flag;

        public geo_crd(Decimal x, Decimal y, int z)
            _geo_lat = x;
            _geo_long = y;
            _status_flag = z;

        public Decimal geo_lat
            get { return _geo_lat; }
            set { _geo_lat = value; }

        public Decimal geo_long
            get { return _geo_long; }
            set { _geo_long = value; }

        public int status_flag
            get { return _status_flag; }
            set { _status_flag = value; }


I am receiving in the views as follows

@model IEnumerable <ToDoApp.Models.geo_crd>
// more code here 
<script type="text/javascript"> 

    @foreach (var item in Model){ 
            <spam><li> @item.geo_lat </li></spam>
            <span> <li> AddLocationPin(@item.geo_lat, @item.geo_long, null, 'place 1');</li> </span> 


the issue I am having is , the server is not sending the AddlocatioPin , it is just ignoring it I guess.

am i doing something really stupid ? please help

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You should not wrap html tags with script. Start and end tags, also their order must match in html. Also you should read more about HTML ul tag

Correct view would be

@model IEnumerable <ToDoApp.Models.geo_crd>
//more code here 
   @foreach (var item in Model)
       <li><span>@item.geo_lat </span></li>
       <li><span>AddLocationPin(@item.geo_lat, @item.geo_long, null, 'place 1'); </span> </li>
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Thanks @archil, but for some reason it is still not passing the AddLocationPin when the client view is created and sent. Am i missing something too basic here ? – user1270305 Jun 15 '12 at 15:20
that issue was html tags within script. Otherwise the solution worked. so accepting it as an answer. what worked is as below – user1270305 Jun 16 '12 at 20:22

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