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Is it possible add a an item to this menu in order to rename the column header?

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The question seems kind of vague and I believe the image attached is throwing me off.

Customizing a grid header menu (Answer)..

See either answer.

My final product I have even customized my answer further:

initComponent: function () {

    this.headerCt.on('headerclick', function (header, column, event, html) {
        if (column.xtype == 'rownumberer') {
            return false;

        header.showMenuBy(column.el.dom, column);
    }, this);

    this.headerCt.on('menucreate', function (header, column, event, html) {
        var menu = header.getMenu();

    }, this);

createHeaderMenu: function (menu) {

    // simulate header menu to be plain (menu is already created at this point)
    menu.addCls(Ext.baseCSSPrefix + 'menu-plain');
    menu.name = 'report_data_header_menu';

        name: 'sort_asc',
        text: 'Sort Ascending'
    }, {
        name: 'sort_desc',
        text: 'Sort Descending'
    }, {
        name: 'remove_column',
        text: 'Remove'
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You should be able to do it.

Add a listener on the 'menucreate' event on the Ext.grid.header.Container object. This delegate will pass you the reference of the menu then you can manipulate the Menu.


var gridHeader = gridPanelInstance.getView().headerCt; //return the Header Container 

gridHeader.on('menucreate', function(gridHeaderContainer, menu, option) {

    // do whatever you want with the menu here...  eg: add/remove/ edit menu item
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