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I use Jon Leighton's .date_input() datepicker to work with date. Besides the fact I store date in UNIX timestamp, I should show date in the page in standart '15 Jun 2012' format. I initialize date inputs with this code:


When I select date, it stores 15 Jun 2012. I need to POST to backend UNIX timestamp, but


contains only '15 Jun 2012'. How do you think, is there are any other variants for sending timestamp to backend besides writing my own parser for '15 Jun 2012'-format ?


p.s. yeah, I know that this plugin is no longer maintained and standart jQueryUI datepicker is way-more flexible, however I'm forced to use exactly this this one, don't ask my why :(

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are you able to edit the backend? if its based on php its just one line of code –  Frederick Behrends Jun 15 '12 at 11:46
actually, I use NodeJS, however I think algorithm will be rather similar. You think, it would be better to process data as-is and parse it on backend, don't you? –  f1nn Jun 15 '12 at 11:48

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How do you get a timestamp in JavaScript?

Math.round(new Date($("#my_specific_input").val()).getTime() / 1000)
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