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I have this strange behavior in my JSP page:

I have two Integer variables count and size.

When I print the values of these variables to the page I'm getting

266 100

but when I use ${count div size} or ${count / size} I'm getting 2.66.

I checked that these both are Integers, also I put them to model, then retrieved in JSP (according to this answer) and printed class names to the JSP and they are Integers.

I know, I can write custom function, but why when that should work?

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For your specific case, the EL Spec mandates that both operands should be coerced to Double before the operator is applied.

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I do not know why is this case specific, but you are right I found here in chapter 1.7.2, that Otherwise, coerce both A and B to Double and apply operator, really strange, in mod operator Long is used. –  Betlista Jun 15 '12 at 13:31

try <fmt:formatNumber value="${..} maxFractionDigits="0" />

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you are correct, this works, any idea why it behaves as double value? –  Betlista Jun 15 '12 at 13:22

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