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What is the maximum timeout interval I can use in my application. I m using following method.

(id)initWithURL:(NSURL *)URL cachePolicy:(NSURLRequestCachePolicy)cachePolicy timeoutInterval:(NSTimeInterval)timeoutInterval;

I m using GET Method.


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I'm not sure if there is a max. Just try with 9999999 with an URL that doesn't respond, step by step, then check if a maximum exists... –  Martin Jun 15 '12 at 12:01
Why do you need a very large timeout, just go with something like 300 –  Omar Abdelhafith Jun 15 '12 at 12:09

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NSTimeInterval data type is typedef of double data type, so the maximum time out value supported is the value that is maximum for double data type.

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I think you should take into account that HTTP uses TCP. TCP connections are not controlled only by your application, there are also many routers and firewalls in between your application and the server.

I took a look into a typical firewall documentation just to see what is the default timeout for TCP connections.

For CISCO it is one hour.

So maybe you should consider this information when deciding on maximum connection timeout.

Also see section 5.5 here : They claim that the best practice is 30 seconds.

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