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I try to develop incremental password change PowerShell script that goes like this

input csv file: D:\pws\newpws.csv


output csv file: D:\pws\lastprocessedId.csv


so far I have this only:

import-csv D:\pws\newpws.csv | foreach {

Set-MSOnlineUserPassword -Identity $_.userIdentity -Password $_.passwd -ChangePasswordOnNextLogon:$true -Credential $cred


I would like to modify this script so it will process only csv lines that:

  1. have userID higher than current date time minus 2 hours (rounded to lower hour) plus ‘00000’ in this format: yyyymmddhh00000 - e.g. if current time is June 15, 2012 3:35PM then filter should include: 201206151300000, AND
  2. have userID higher than lastID stored in lastprocessedId.csv

after script execution is complete, lastID in lastprocessedId.csv should be updated with the userID of last line in the newpws.csv

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You need to stick in a Where filter before the Foreach stage of the pipeline e.g.:

import-csv D:\pws\newpws.csv | 
    where {$_.userID -gt $lastID -and ...} |
    foreach { Set-MSOnlineUserPassword -Identity $_.userIdentity `
              -Password $_.passwd -ChangePasswordOnNextLogon:$true -Credential $cred
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