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I have a C++ dll class. I want to return a structure array to Java Applet by using a JNI method. How can I access it from Java?

(structure array contains different type of structures)

Already returned a String array---

public native String[] fun();

JNIEXPORT jobjectArray JNICALL Java_fun(JNIEnv* pEnv, jobject Pobj)

but I didn't know how to work with Structure Array.

Could anyone please tell me.

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You need to build the same structure as Java objects. Copy the values from the C++ structure into the Java structure in JNI. Return the Java structure and use it as normal Java objects.

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thank you very much...I will try to make it work... – Akhil Jun 15 '12 at 12:48

There are few good code examples from Sun at Sun: STrings and Arrays

Try it out and tell us of your progress.

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You could use JavaCPP, which generates all the nasty C++ JNI code for us. Then we only need to call Pointer.position() from Java to navigate native arrays of structures.

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