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Is there any way to halt saving of child before parent.

I am using accepts_nested_attributes_for with polymorphic association.

I used multiple options validates_presence_of :parent_id , validates_assoicated :parent but none are working.

For example, I do have a class

Class Person
  include HasPhoneNumbers

module HasPhoneNumbers
 def self.included(kclass)
   kclass.has_many :phone_numbers, :as => :callable, :dependent => kclass == Person ? :destroy : :nullify
 klass.accepts_nested_attributes_for :phone_numbers, :reject_if => lambda {|pn| pn.keys.any?{|k| k.to_sym != :id && pn[k].blank?} }

class PhoneNumber
  belongs_to :callable, :polymorphic => true

So while saving person due to validation in person object, it was not saving. However, child(phone_number) was saving. So I need to restrict it to not save child(phone_number) before parent(person) saves.

I did try multiple options using validates_presence_of and validates_associated, but none are working for me.

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@person =[:person])
ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do!

Wrapping your saves within a transaction should roll back the phone number save if the person fails validation.

Reference: ActiveRecord Transactions

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Hi Thanks for the input..I already embed the code within transaction but somehow it is not rolling there any way we can resolve this issue. – Naresh Chilukuru Jun 19 '12 at 14:23

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