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I need to back up the configuration of a HP ProCurve and I need to do it through SSH.

The ProCurve shell is interactive and I can't put something like:

$ ssh user@ip 'command1; command2'

...because the shell gives me an error — likely because the machine doesn’t actually have a Unix–like shell. I need to connect, input the password, and execute two commands.

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With Procurve/Cisco devices you can not simply run ssh hostname command. You need to use some tool that can work with interactive ssh sessions, i.e. expect, pexpect or something like this. Another solution is to use socat:

(sleep 5; echo ${PASSWORD}; sleep 2; echo ; echo command1; sleep 2) \
| socat - EXEC:"ssh ${SWITCH}",setsid,pty,ctty
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I'm not sure I entirely understand your question. Are you trying to run multiple commands? Have you tried sh -c ?

ssh user@ip sh -c "command1; command2"

From man sh:

       -c               Read commands from the command_string operand instead of from the standard input.  Special parameter 0 will be set from the command_name operand
                        and the positional parameters ($1, $2, etc.)  set from the remaining argument operands.
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not, It don't wokr. Thanks! – Rikr Jun 15 '12 at 12:53

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