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I have managed to connect to a remote server through ssh tunneling. No how can I copy files from remote server to my local computer. Considering that I just want to do it from remote server to my local computer. I dont know how to write this command "scp file/I/want/to/copy localhost/home/folder"

thanks a lot

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Example: scp username@server:/home/username/file_name /home/local-username/file-name

check this: http://www.garron.me/linux/scp-linux-mac-command-windows-copy-files-over-ssh.html

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scp -r (source)hostname:/(location of the file to be copied)/(file name) (Destination)hostname:/(location of the folder where the file should be copied to)

For example:

scp -r ram.desktop.overflow.com:/home/Desktop/Ram/abcd.txt rajesh.desktop.overflow.com:/home/documents/

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