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How to remove a non-empty folder in Qt.

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Recursively delete the contents of the directory first. Here is a blog post with sample code for doing just that. I've included the relevant code snippet.

bool removeDir(const QString & dirName)
    bool result = true;
    QDir dir(dirName);

    if (dir.exists(dirName)) {
        Q_FOREACH(QFileInfo info, dir.entryInfoList(QDir::NoDotAndDotDot | QDir::System | QDir::Hidden  | QDir::AllDirs | QDir::Files, QDir::DirsFirst)) {
            if (info.isDir()) {
                result = removeDir(info.absoluteFilePath());
            else {
                result = QFile::remove(info.absoluteFilePath());

            if (!result) {
                return result;
        result = dir.rmdir(dirName);
    return result;
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Seems like will not work for relative paths. removeDir("docs") will check if "docs/docs" exists in the first if. The same problem is in dir.rmdir line. Am I right ? – cybevnm Jan 29 '15 at 16:56

If you're using Qt 5, there is QDir::removeRecursively().

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