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I am testing an application using Selenium IDE. There is a table with unstable row ordering - which means the elements I need to verify are in different rows on each test run.

I'd like to use text known to be in the first column to find the row; and then verify the other columns in the same row.

The test looks like this:

store        || //form/table                    || tableXpath
store        || 3                               || initialsRow
verifyTable  || ${tableXpath}.${initialsRow}.0  || Initials
verifyTable  || ${tableXpath}.${initialsRow}.1  || MJ
verifyTable  || ${tableXpath}.${initialsRow}.2  || MH

Instead of hard-coding the "initialsRow" value; is it not possible to find the row index dynamically?

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The solution I found was to use the Selenium's storeElementIndex command. It gets the index of an HTML element relative to its parent.

See http://release.seleniumhq.org/selenium-core/1.0.1/reference.html

I changed the test as follows:

store             || //form/table                                 || tableXpath
storeElementIndex || ${tableXpath}//tr/td[text() = "Initials"]/.. || initialsRow
verifyTable       || ${tableXpath}.${initialsRow}.1               || MJ
verifyTable       || ${tableXpath}.${initialsRow}.2               || MH

The XPath query //form/table//tr/td[text() = "Initials"]/.. finds the 'tr' element above the 'td' element containing the text "Initials". Selenium stores the index of this 'tr' element relative to whatever its parent element is.

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