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This works in v.717 (IComponentConvention) :

    public void Apply(IComponentInstance instance)
        if (instance.Type == typeof(EmailAddress))
            instance.Properties.First(property => property.Name == "FullAddress")).Column(instance.Name);

Using the above convention I can map the name of my database column to the name of the component property. But in v.727 the hbm suddenly looks like this:

<component name="DefaultMailAddressForAlerts" class="EmailAddress"> 
    <property name="FullAddress" type="System.String"> 
        <column name="DefaultMailAddressForAlertsDefaultMailAddressForAlerts"/>          

Making the column name in the database the name of the component property x 2. Is there a new way of creating component conventions in v727 of fluent nhibernate?

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@JamesGregory You can just post that as an answer, and we can mark the question as answered, since it's a bug :) –  Yngve B. Nilsen Aug 18 '12 at 7:33
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This looks like a bug. I've raised an issue in our bugtracker, see Fluent NHibernate #161.

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