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I am using jQuery mobile in single page template (Each page is a separate html file). I want to prefetch a page that load content via Ajax. I put the prefetch code in Document.ready() function in first page

$.mobile.loadPage("my-projects.html", { showLoadMsg: false });

ajax call inside the Document.ready() function of second page which i want to prefetch. This ajax call is not happening when we preftech that page. Is there a way to achieve this. Please help

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I think you have to do this using the phonegap events instead of the jQuery-mobile events. – Th0rndike Jun 15 '12 at 13:47

jQuery Mobile has prefetching built right in, all you have to do is add the data-prefetch attribute to a link that links to a remote page:

<a href="prefetchThisPage.html" data-prefetch> ... </a>


In a general sense, when you pull-in a page via AJAX, the document.ready function will not fire. You can however use jQuery Mobile Page events such as pageinit. For example:

$(document).delegate('#my-page-id', 'pageinit', function () {
    $.mobile.loadPage("my-projects.html", { showLoadMsg: false });
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As i am using each page is a separate html file #my-page-id has no relevance here.Also there is no problem with " $.mobile.loadPage("my-projects.html", { showLoadMsg: false }); " it is firing properly. The problem is with the ajax call which is in the page i want to prefetch.that is not firing when prefeching happends – Ajmal VH Jun 16 '12 at 4:35
You should read this, notice the yellow box: Now in jQuery Mobile since all pages by default are brought into the DOM via AJAX, using an ID to bind to a specific page certainly does have relevance. Using code like I showed in my answer allows us to run specific code for specific pages while maintaining one source for our JS (you can put your JS in a file and include it in the head of each page so it's ready for each page). And your problem is document.ready, don't use it for jQuery Mobile sites. It won't work like you expect. – Jasper Jun 16 '12 at 15:52

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