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I currently have the following in select expert to select a bunch of fields:

{Order.OrderDate} in {?Start date} to {?End date} and
{Order.PostingCode} in ["j500", "j501", "j502"]

I am having to add from j500 all the way up to j713.

Is it possible to point it to a string array?

For example, in java:

int count = 0;
int fieldnumber = 500;
String[] fieldarray = new String[214];

    while (count  < 214){
        fieldarray[count] = "j"+fieldnumber;

So in crystal I could just point crystal at the "fieldarray" string array and say use everything in there. Is that possible with crystal? If so, how?

Thanks guys.

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why not use:

{Order.OrderDate} in {?Start date} to {?End date} and
{Order.PostingCode} >= "j500" and
{Order.PostingCode} <= "j713"
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Goddamn, this is what I get for over thinking something. –  Mark Jul 3 '12 at 9:44

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