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this is my code:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    final ListView listView = (ListView) findViewById(R.id.mylist);

    final Button b=(Button)findViewById(R.id.b);
    b.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {
            // Perform action on click
                String stringValue = Integer.toString(i);
            tt[i] = sendPostDataToInternet(stringValue);
            //TextView f=(TextView)findViewById(R.id.cc);
            ArrayAdapter<String> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(v.getContext(),
                    android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, android.R.id.text1, tt);


I tried to set the data to text and it worked, but when I set it into a listview it gives

at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(ZygoteInit.java:839)
at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:597)

whats the matter Thanks.

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Post the full logcat trace. And, Do you've this in your main.xml –  Praveen Jun 15 '12 at 13:51
It is already the full trace –  Alexander Ho Jun 15 '12 at 14:11
Are you extending simple activity or Listactivity –  Praveen Jun 15 '12 at 14:16
is there any error simply data not shown on screen issue ? –  Dheeresh Singh Jun 15 '12 at 14:27
no .................Zygote is the part of android OS and used memory management in OS –  Dheeresh Singh Jun 15 '12 at 14:43

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in line

ArrayAdapter<String> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(v.getContext(),
android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, android.R.id.text1, tt);

use YOURActivityName.this instead of v.getContext()

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You should use this or activity.this or even getActivity() when you instantiate the adapter.

Since I use fragments a lot, I usually end up using getActivity() so I can reuse a fragment in more than one activity if necessary.


ArrayAdapter<String> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(getActivity(), 
    android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, android.R.id.text1, tt); 
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