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I have read some of the questions and answers here, but it none match my situation exactly.

I want to keep all my fossil repos in a single place.

so I have

c:\Fossil_Repos\ with a repo for WebPages_Repo and another for Dev_repo etc etc etc

I would like to keep my original web pages and development pages in separated directories that are oustide of the Fossil_Repos directory, here is my structure


This structure seems not to be unreasonable.

If from within my c:\Fossile_Repos\ I run the commands

fossil open Dev_Repo
fossil add c:\DevEnvironment

Then I see a listing of all the directories and files underneath c:\DevEnvironment, however I then go on to add

fossil commit -m "first deposit"

And get an error message on the first file saying the file doesn't exist. Note that the file path is correct (however it report the direcory as C:/DevEnvironment/firstFile.xml using the unix method of file separators)

Anyone got any thoughts on if I can do this or not?

thanks in advance


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Just a thought in case anyone is interested. I've got multiple repos because I'm migrating from an ANT solution to a Maven solution (I've converted my ANT project structure to better reflect the locatin of source code etc in a Maven pattern) . If Anyone can see a solution for easily sharing just the java source code files that may be really cool too, I'll create another question if required, then I can give the solution its required acceptance too. –  DaveM Jun 15 '12 at 14:10

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You can keep the repos wherever you like. However, you must issue the commands to fossil from inside the checkout.

So, in your example:

cd c:\DevEnvironment
fossil open c:\Fossile_Repos\repo_file_name
.. edit the files ...
fossil commit -m "first deposit"
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Ah Cool, I never though about openin the repo from a different location... I'll mark yours the solution... although its taking a long time.... coffee time I think. –  DaveM Jun 15 '12 at 14:06

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