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I am trying to create a word/tag cloud with d3.js where the y axis is controlled by data variables instead of the random placement like in normal word/tag clouds. So I don't mind where the text is placed on the xaxis, but I do want control of where it is on the yaxis.

My approach was add a text element for each piece of data with the x attribute function as:

.attr("x", function(d,i) {
    loop 10 times
        generate random x
        loop through previous added element <i to check for collision
        no collision exit loop
    if (collision) set x to somewhere off the image

This method fails as I don't seem to be able to access any of the previous elements until the append has finished.

Any suggestions for a better method to do this or a way to access elements during the append?

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You could place each node within a tspan inside a text parent, then randomize attr dx. This will always avoid collision and position your text correctly. – Duopixel Jun 16 '12 at 7:20

Here you have a good word cloud implementation by Jason Davies which contains pretty much any customization you would like to make:

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