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I'm trying to get a button that will switch an p:inplace item. I'm trying to use the toggle function but am not having any luck.

<p:inplace widgetVar="X" >
  <p:inputText  value="test"></p:inputText>

<p:button value="toggle" onclick="X.toggle()" />

When I do this I get the following message in my browser's console

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'fadeOut' of undefined primefaces.js.jsf:18 PrimeFaces.widget.Inplace.PrimeFaces.widget.BaseWidget.extend.toggle primefaces.js.jsf:18 onclick

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It looks like there is a bug with the default effect. Change the effect to one of the other standard effects and see if that gets you going.

<p:inplace widgetVar="X" effect="clip">
  <p:inputText  value="test"></p:inputText>

The available effects as defined in the user manual:

• blind
• clip
• drop
• explode
• fold
• puff
• slide
• scale
• bounce
• highlight
• pulsate
• shake
• size
• transfer
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This did not do it. I've updated to primefaces 3.4.1 and still have the same issue. –  jhaley Sep 26 '12 at 17:22

Toggle javascript function looks weird. It only supports 3 effect values. It also requires two first arguments - element to show and element to hide. Have no clue how to use it.

PrimeFaces.widget.Inplace.prototype.toggle = function(elToShow, elToHide, callback) {
    var _self = this;
    if(this.cfg.effect == 'fade') {

    else if(this.cfg.effect == 'slide') {
    else if(this.cfg.effect == 'none') {

I can recommend at least one workaround (pretty hackish as it uses internal ids of tag's generated markup but worked for me (PrimeFaces 3.5):

<p:inplace event="none" id="xId">
    <h:inputText value="test"/>
<p:commandButton value="Toggle" 
    oncomplete="$('#xId_content,#xId_display').toggle()" />
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