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I have the following XML, I just want to map the elements (node) to an object, but I'm having to problems:

  1. It's complaining about bounds elements, because I don't want to map them.
  2. Not all "nodes" have "tags" so I'm getting some issues with it.

<xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<osm version="0.6" generator="CGImap 0.0.2">
<bounds minlat="48.1400000" minlon="11.5400000" maxlat="48.1450000" maxlon="11.5430000"/>
<node id="398692" lat="48.1452196" lon="11.5414971" user="Peter14" uid="13832" visible="true" version="18" changeset="10762013" timestamp="2012-02-22T18:59:41Z"> </node>
<node id="1956100" lat="48.1434822" lon="11.5487963" user="Peter14" uid="13832" visible="true" version="41" changeset="10762013" timestamp="2012-02-22T18:59:39Z">
<tag k="crossing" v="traffic_signals"/>
<tag k="highway" v="traffic_signals"/>
<tag k="TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:Class" v="Point"/>
<tag k="TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:Direction" v="positive"/>
<tag k="TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LCLversion" v="9.00"/>
<tag k="TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LocationCode" v="35356"/>
<tag k="TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:NextLocationCode" v="35357"/>
<tag k="TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:PrevLocationCode" v="35355"/>

Sorry I'm a rookie using XStream, but it's great and powerful stuff!

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Well, please show your xml and maybe source code where you are setting up xstream – Konstantin Pribluda Jun 15 '12 at 14:18
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Unfortunately overriding Mapper behaviour mentioned here does not work with implicit collections or annotations. I checked with version 1.4.3. So the obvious solution I found was to mock ignored fields with ommiting annotation. Works perfect for me but a bit boring to create them every time.

private Object ignoredElement;
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Since XStream 1.4.5 durring marshaller declaration it's enough to use ignoreEnknownElements() method:

XStreamMarshaller marshaller = new XStreamMarshaller();

to ignore unnecessary elements.

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Plain googling reveals a lot of ioptions. This is one of them:


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This is an old link. Use this: pvoss.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/xstream – Twice Circled Aug 3 '13 at 20:06

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