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When posting manually to a page as admin, all friends' likes to these posts appear in their feed.

But when posting via graph api to the same page, friends' likes to these posts do not appear in their feed.

While using the following scope ...

'scope' => 'read_stream,publish_stream,manage_pages'

... and retrieving the access_token via me/accounts, my post contains this information ...


Additionally I tried adding a targeting value to the post ...

'targeting' => array('value' => 'EVERYONE'),

... or

'privacy' => array('value' => 'EVERYONE'),

... although the latter is not accepted anyways, both have no influence on this issue.

I have noticed that manual posts to a page have a small globe icon beside the '1 minute ago' ... while api posts to a page have not.

Is this a restriction set by Facebook, may this be a privacy setting, or am I doing anything wrong?


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Are you talking about the on-facebook notifications that page admins see when people interact with their posts? These aren't available for posts made via the API

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