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I need to develop a small app in Java (Windows Platform) which should remain in memory all the time and access a mysql database. If a row is inserted to a particular table with a particular status, I should be able to generate an email and forward it to a particular person.

I know the how to access a mysql database, check for the row status and generating email etc. But how to write a background process to listen for the interesting row and what tools can be used to accomplish this job is what I would like to know. Please shed some light.

Thank you.


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What have you tried? What research on the subject have you done? – Colin D Jun 15 '12 at 14:55
If I understand correctly, the question is not about "a background app to send email", but rather "how to monitor a msql database for changes". – sudocode Jun 15 '12 at 15:00
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The Windows term for an application that automatically runs in the background is a "service". There are several ways to make a Java application into a service, see this question: How to create a windows service from java app

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This should get you started:

  1. Background app:
    A loop with a sleep inside it.
    After each sleep, check the database table.

  2. Sending email:
    Google JavaMail

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