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My boss has asked me to look into applications to host web services on our FreeBSD machine. Previously I have only used visual studios to do web services so I am wondering what is the best applications on there to host them on in a unix environment?

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Just to be clear, I am talking about something like this: http://axis.apache.org/axis2/java/core/ I am just not familiar with what is the most popular/most stable ect. on the unix side of things.

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It depends on the application you want to host. There are several ways to solve your task:

  1. Use normal web-server (e.g. Apache, Nginx and so on)
  2. Use specialized software with innate web-server capabilities (e.g. Twisted, Node.JS and so on).

You need to be more concrete to get concreter answer :)

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love the word concreter! –  Radix Jul 24 '12 at 18:02

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